what we hope to accomplish by bringing this product to market. We plan on marketing this product primarily through youth groups and youth service organizations as both a wholesome activity and a fun and exciting fundraiser item their members can easily sell to their friends and neighbors. We will also use the Sling-Wheel website to bring awareness of the gruesome fact that nearly 10,000 of our fellow humans die every day of water born illnesses. Most of these precious souls are children who suffer a tortuous death. While we will be offering the Sling-Wheel as an exciting fundraiser item for these groups, we will also be encouraging them to get involved in selling the Sling-Wheels to raise funds to dig water wells where they are desperately needed. We are partnering with an organization that is currently producing life-saving wells for an average cost of $1400. A sales campaign resulting in the sale of just 116 Sling-Wheels produces enough revenue to provide a lifesaving community well.

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