Back Pain

Back Pain

Chiropractic Treatment to Help Relieve Back Pain

Back Pain is the most common reason for missed work.

One of the most common problems that result from back pain is lost time at work. 

Back pain facts:

For people whose livings are made doing physical work, such as construction, landscaping, manufacturing, driving and many other professions, chronic back pain can mean the end of a career and serious financial hardship for themselves and their families.

Common causes of back pain.

Chronic back pain can be caused by medical conditions such as:

  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • osteoarthritis
  • scoliosis (curvature of the spine)
  • fibromyalgia

Most back pain is due to some form of injury or mechanical issue.

Disc Degenerations

One of the most common mechanical issues leading to back pain is intervertebral disc degenerations, which simply means that the discs between the spine’s vertebrae have lost their ability to cushion the vertebrae during movement. Some degeneration of these discs is a natural part of the aging process, but repeated stress on the discs from heavy work or some type of injury can also result in degeneration.

disc degeneration

Back Injury

Injuries to the back are a leading cause of back pain, either short or long-term. Sudden twisting of the spine can cause spraining (tearing) of the ligaments that support the spine. Other common injuries are from accidents such as slipping and falling, being in an automobile accident or even lifting something improperly. Many of these injuries are fairly minor and can be healed with proper treatment and rest. Others are more severe and may require lifestyle changes, continued treatment and even surgical correction.

spinal cord injury


Back pain can also be caused simply by the way we live our lives today. Many of us work at computers for hours each day and most of us spend even more time on the computer once the workday is done. Sitting for long periods, especially with less-than-ideal posture, can lead to back pain that may not be severe but still effects how we feel each day and how much we enjoy our regular activities.

Dr. Golay and the staff at Golay Chiropractic focus on treating back pain holistically, approaching the problem from as many angles as possible to speed healing and achieve the best possible outcome.


A chiropractor’s advice for relieving back pain.

Many patients feel that surgery is the only answer to chronic back pain. However, while surgery is sometimes necessary for severe injuries, most people suffering from back pain can get relief with chiropractic treatment.
There are several things that Dr. Golay and the team at Golay Chiropractic can do to reduce or eliminate your back pain.

The first step is a thorough examination to determine the cause and the nature of the back problem. This will involve a physical exam and possibly X-rays or an MRI to determine exactly what’s going on with your back.

Once the problem is diagnosed, treatment is usually a multi-pronged approach that might include manipulation or spinal adjustments, massage, nutritional changes, exercise and/or physical therapy.

Through almost 20 years of treating back pain in Twin Falls, Dr. Golay has built a reputation in the community as a proactive and caring physician, constantly seeking the newest and most effective ways of treating the entire family.
It would be our pleasure to schedule you for a consultation to discuss any problems that you may be having with back pain and determine how we can best help you to become pain-free.

Treating back pain since 1994

Back pain is an extremely common problem and many people feel they have to “learn to live with it” as a part of their everyday lives. According to one study in the New England Journal of Medicine, 31 million people suffer from back pain each year. However, while some back pain can be expected as a natural part of aging, most back pain can be reduced or even cured with proper treatment. Dr. Golay has been treating back pain in Twin Falls since 1994 and understands how much of an impact it can have on quality of life.